Why my life has changed for the better

This past year has been a huge transition for me, not only my appearance but my confidence in whom I am. Prior to donning the red suit I was a photographer, someone that only wanted to be behind the camera. To have my picture taken was an ordeal and actually embarrassing for me. So what happened?

God, I listened to him and found a time in m life where I am comfortable in my skin, I am not happy with the shape I am in but that is changing. I am though confident and know that through him and his blessings I am reaching an audience that I could not reach before. People are open to seeing me in a different light and more receptive to my words. I don’t just mean children, I have been able to share my views of God and the Bible with adults also.

This past week I was blessed to once again model at Zulily, in Gahanna Ohio if you go on their website www.zulily.com tomorrow or Thursday my picture should be there. Who would have thunk that!

While at Zulily I have met some of the greatest young people that are trying to find their way in life, and I have been able to talk to them about Jesus. So if you ask me if this whole Santa thing is directed by God? I would without hesitation say yes.

I pray that this Thanksgiving each and every one of you will be blessed and remember that family does not mean you have to agree on things just love one another.









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