My first night at the Columbus Zoo


My first night at Columbus Zoo Wild Lights was an incredible experience. I was nervous going into the night, my expectations of creating a Santa that is loved, adored and respected has fueled me this first year of my craft. I have been able to watch and learn from some incredible Santas and I did not want to disappoint. It has been very apparent to me that this transition is a calling from God to be able to spread his message of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Five o’clock took forever yesterday and when that first child walked down the path a huge sense of relief filled me. This is what I knew God had called me for!
I settled into a great rhythm and had a blast meeting people from all stages of ages, races, abilities, and religions. Seeing my grandsons was one hilite along with a visit from 2 of my daughters, a son-in-law, and a future son-in-law. I also saw some old friends that were very surprised to see me as Santa.
I can say without a doubt I was born to be a Santa that cares about all people and loves everyone.

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