How do you keep the Christmas Spirit Year Round?

Many people want to know how hard is it to keep the Christmas spirit going year round? In my opinion, it is how you view Christmas that determines how difficult it is. If you see Christmas as the corporate community and think that decorations and gifts are Christmas than I think it would get old and be hard to maintain that “special” feeling year round. But, if you realize that celebrating Christmas year round is celebrating Christ’s birth and his teachings than it becomes a much easier process.
I just spent a day in a maternity ward waiting on the birth of my granddaughter, throughout the 14 hours we were there we met many people from different religions, races and socioeconomic levels of life. Each person we met was celebrating either the birth of a child or progress of their baby during pregnancy. We have pleasant and open conversations without any barriers because of our backgrounds. It was exhilarating to share our joy with everyone. This is the same feeling we should have when we think about celebrating our savior Jesus Christ being born.
Secondly, I believe we should always love one another just as Jesus preached during his life. Live each day that way spreading love and joy (sometimes I fail but I try) to each and everyone we meet. This includes people we may not like or are afraid of.
If you believe like I do that these two simple steps are how to live like each and every day is Christmas then you are able to spread Christmas joy each day in your life.
As a real bearded Santa, I place myself in public view and scrutiny so I feel it is my duty to try my best and be my best each and every day.

So I say to you make each day special by making someone else’s day brighter by treating them like Jesus would and being joyful celebrating his birth.

God bless each of you!

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