My first night at the Columbus Zoo

My first night at Columbus Zoo Wild Lights was an incredible experience. I was nervous going into the night, my expectations of creating a Santa that is loved, adored and respected has fueled me this first year of my craft. I have been able to watch and learn from some incredible Santas and I did […]


Santa Timothy at Allie’s Original Photography

Saturday November 5th will be a day Santa and Mrs. Claus will never forget. We were given the chance to raise funds for a dear friend, Bekah MacCaughey,in order to help her in her fight against cancer. However, it wasn’t just the money raised that made it special; it was the friends who came, the […]


The magic of Christmas everyday

Last week while I was at fellowship Baptist Church in Columbus Ohio a young boy asked me “Santa why are you here already?” I quickly told him that that Christmas is every day for Santa and I want to share God’s love with everyone. What did I mean by this? Too many days people allow […]


The only reason to celebrate Christmas

Santa Timothy has been asked by many children in Central Ohio about Christmas and what it means to him. He will always direct the children to the bible and these bible verses as a basis for his faith. May God always be placed first and foremost in every celebration of the birth of his son […]


Christmas lights

Today in Canal Winchester we will begin the tradition of hanging our outdoor Christmas lights, we know it may seem early but we have a lot of work to do and we want it to be done correctly. We have to thank all of our elves who are helping us with this endeavor.


Trick or Treat with Santa

Last night at Fellowship Baptist Church in Columbus Ohio Santa Timothy and Mrs. Claus were able to help share the Gospel with almost 2,000 people. We offered candy canes and pictures with the jolly old elf. A great night was had by all who attended this event! The best question was; Santa what are you […]


Trick or treat with Santa

Tonight at Fellowship Baptist Church come see me and get some candy! Santa Timothy and his helpers will have a full Christmas display and will be sharing the Gospel while having a load of fun.


Santa Timothy at Zulily

This past week I was blessed with the opportunity to once again model for Zulily. The best part was afterwards I met Austin, he was so excited to see Santa! All he wanted for Christmas was a lawnmower so he could help his mom cut the grass. Here are my latest photos!


A Fundraiser for Bekah MacCaughey

On Saturday November 5th from 9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mrs. Sandra Claus and I will be working with Allie of Allie’s Originals Photography to help raise some much needed funds for Bekah’s fight against cancer. Please contact Allie at (614) 371-4428 and book an appointment. You will get a copy of your pictures with […]